Bing MD New Patient Agreement

Last revised: March 26, 2022

In this agreement, “Bing” and “Bing MD” refers to Bing Wu, a family physician licensed in Alberta by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

“You” refers to yourself as a patient and any dependent children under age 18 that you are registering.

Here’s how to reach Bing for legal purposes:

Mailing Address (not the same as clinic address):

104-1240 Kensington Road NW
Suite 320
Calgary, AB, T2N 3P7



Doctor-Patient Relationship

After you have completed your registration forms, they’ll be reviewed by Bing MD. Once approved, you’ll be sent an invoice for payment. Upon payment, you’ll establish a doctor-patient relationship with Bing MD.

Your relationship with Bing MD only covers you and any dependents that you’ve registered with Bing MD. Medical advice won’t be provided to or about other family members, friends, or anyone else who doesn’t have a doctor-patient relationship with Bing MD.

Online Experience

Bing MD is a modern “micropractice” with a bare minimum of staff needed and as much as possible will be done online. You can reach Bing by phone, email, text message and the AVA Connect App which part of the AVA EMR. In the future, Bing may offer other means of secure communication such as the Signal messaging app.

Virtual and Office Appointments

Bing MD will endeavor to provide you care virtually, by phone, secure messaging or email when possible. Not all services can be provided virtually, and you may be required to attend an office appointment when requested by Bing MD to provide you with appropriate care.

Currently, Bing MD is sharing an office space in the following practice:

Sunalta Medical Clinic

210 – 1506 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0M9

Business Hours

Regular clinic operating hours for Bing MD are Monday-Thursday, 9 am to 6 pm and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Emails, phone inquiries and text/other secure electronic messages are generally answered within 1 business day.

Sometimes, Bing MD may answer inquiries outside of normal business hours, but this isn’t guaranteed and shouldn’t be replied upon.

If Bing MD is absent from the office for any reason such as vacations, family or personal health emergencies, you’ll be informed of this as soon as possible and arrangements will be made for you to follow-up with another provider at the Sunalta Medical Clinic for any urgent care needs until Bing MD has returned to the office.

After Hours Coverage

Physicians practicing in Alberta are required to provide after-hours coverage for their patients. After hours coverage for Bing MD (for example during evenings, weekends and statutory holidays) will be provided by the Foothills Primary Care Network. You can access this by calling 811 from within Alberta. After hours coverage is not available if you are not physically in Alberta.

Geographical Limitations

Bing MD is only licensed to provide medical services in Canada and only has malpractice coverage when interacting with patients located in Canada. If you’re outside of Canada, you can’t be provided with any medical advice, doctor’s notes, prescriptions or any other services besides scheduling an appointment for after you’ve returned to Canada. You further agree that when requesting virtual medical services, whether by email, phone or text messaging, you are physically located in Canada.

Some provinces don’t allow Bing MD to provide virtual medical services for patients who are physically located there, even if they’re just visiting. Examples include Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec. Provincial regulations are always changing, therefore virtual health services can’t be guaranteed if you’re not present in Alberta.

Membership Fees

Bing MD operates on a membership fee model. This allows Bing MD to respond to patient concerns in a timely manner and offer services not covered by Alberta Health. These services include:

  • Email and text message access to Bing MD directly
  • Online appointment booking
  • Extended virtual visit appointments – appointments exceeding 15 minutes for non-mental health concerns are not covered by Alberta Health
  • No no-show or late cancellation fees for appointments
  • Doctor’s notes and form completion at no additional charge
  • No charge for transfer of records to another medical provider
  • When such services are offered by Bing MD, your membership also includes access to additional services such as on-site bloodwork and consultations regarding cosmetic procedures, migraine and hyperhidrosis treatments and hormone therapy

Current Membership fees can be found at

Membership fees can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. You can request in writing to stop your membership fees at any time, and your cancellation will apply starting with the next monthly billing cycle. If you’re paying membership fees annually, a prorated refund will be provided for the remaining of your annual fee, rounded down to the nearest number of months remaining.

If you stop paying your membership fees, this doesn’t automatically end your doctor-patient relationship with Bing MD, however you will lose access to all uninsured services outlined above.

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

You have certain responsibilities as a patient to ensure good medical care. These include informing Bing MD of:

  • Any medications you are taking, including supplements and herbal remedies
  • Any tests, labs or consultations that you have pending with other medical providers
  • Names of other medical providers (including specialists) currently involved in your care

If any tests or labs are ordered for you by another medical provider such as a specialist, it is your responsibility to make a reasonable effort to follow-up on these tests with that provider. Bing MD may provide you such results if they are available in Netcare after you have made reasonable efforts to follow-up with your other medical provider.

Request Refills on Time

Please monitor your supply of prescription medications and request refills as soon as you know you’re running out. Same-day refills on short notice can’t be guaranteed, particularly for controlled prescriptions.

Mutual Respect

Bing MD’s practice works on the principle of mutual respect. Bing endeavors to provide you the highest level of medical care, privacy and professionalism.

Although there is no fee for no-show or late-canceled appointments, please provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or will be late. If you’re late for your appointment, we may have to shorten your visit or reschedule.

Please treat Bing MD, any staff members and all other health professionals with respect. This includes any specialist physicians and their staff. If you’re referred to a specialist, please ensure you attend your appointments on time and respect their cancellation policies. If you no-show or late cancel an appointment with a specialist or other provider and you’re charged a cancellation fee, a further referral won’t be made to a different specialist for you to avoid paying the fee.

Controlled Medications

Certain prescription medications are “controlled,” or monitored by the Tracked Prescription Program of Alberta (TPP Alberta). A full list of these medications can be found on the TPP Alberta website.

Common medications in this category include opioids, sleeping medications, sedatives and stimulants such as ADHD medications.

Prescriptions for these medications may require you to present in person to Bing MD’s office, even if they are a renewal, and will require at minimum a phone call with you. These prescriptions can’t be renewed directly through email, text message or other forms of messaging.

Bing MD reserves sole discretion regarding the dosage and prescription duration for all controlled medications to ensure appropriate use. A urine drug screen can be requested of you at any time while you have an active prescription for a controlled medication.

If you’re prescribed a controlled medication, you agree that Bing MD will be your only prescriber of this medication, except under emergency circumstances where Bing MD isn’t available. If another medical provider is prescribing you a controlled medication, you’re expected to respect any agreement you have with them regarding who is allowed to prescribe you that medication. Bing MD reserves the right to contact any other providers who are prescribing you controlled medications in order to coordinate your prescriptions.

If another provider prescribes you a controlled medication or changes your dosing, you agree to inform Bing MD of this immediately.


This agreement between you and Bing MD is subject to the laws of Alberta and Canada. You agree that any legal action taken regarding this agreement will occur in Alberta.

Information Privacy

Your personal health information will be stored in a secure electronic health record in compliance with the Health Information Act of Alberta.

You may request transfer of your health records at any time to another provider by providing a signed consent form. A fee may apply for patients who aren’t currently paying membership fees to Bing MD.

If Bing MD should ever cease practicing in the province of Alberta, you’ll be informed of this in advance to the extent possible, based on guidelines published by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. Your medical records will remain available for transfer for a period of time in compliance with provincial legislation.