Email Access To Your Doctor
Get a response within 1 business Day
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Bloodwork Done On Site
Don't wait in a public lab to get your bloodwork drawn. Coming Summer 2022
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Longer appointments that start on time and aren't rushed
So we can take address multiple concerns in one visit.
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Online Appointment Booking
Online or in your mobile phone app
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No Charge for Doctor's Notes or Forms
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Bing MD works on a membership model.

Most family doctor practices in Calgary are very large with over 1,000 patients per full-time doctor. To see a doctor, you may have to wait at least 1-2 weeks for an appointment if it’s a non-urgent issue. When you get an appointment, you might sit in the waiting room for up to 45 minutes and your appointment often feels rushed. That’s because your doctor is seeing as many as 40-50 patients a day to pay the bills and their staff.

Bing MD is a modern family doctor experience for people looking for an added degree of convenience and service.

For a small monthly or annual fee – about what you pay for your cell phone or internet bill, you get a much more personal, convenient experience.

Instead of having to call your doctor’s office to book an appointment, you get direct email access to your doctor.

Need to renew a prescription? Just email your doctor and it’s done. Some prescriptions will still require a phone or in-person visit, such as pain medications, but the process is easy. With Bing MD, you can book your own appointments online or on an app.

When you do need to come in, Bing operates out of a modern, clean office in the Beltline area of Calgary that has free underground car and bicycle parking, and easy access on public transit (2 blocks from Sunalta station).

Other benefits include longer appointments that start on time and aren’t rushed, so there’s enough time to address all your issues and concerns.